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Rescue 2012


RESCUE 2012 conference is now over. Almost 600 people attended the conference, which grows bigger every time.

An international Search and Rescue conference


Since 1990 ICE-SAR, Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue, has hosted a search and rescue conference called "Björgun" ("Rescue"). Through the years the conference has developed and grown into a full blown SAR conference with 50-60 interesting lectures in four different halls so everyone should find something of interest. In 2006 it was for the first time held in both English and Icelandic with international participants as well as lecturers.



Built on experience


There are 95 volunteer rescue teams in Iceland doing every kind of rescue work on sea and land in urban and wilderness environment. In a hostile nature these rescue teams have built up a lot of experience and it is time to share it with the global rescue community.



Make the most of it...


Rescue 2012 will be held October 19.-21. 2012. Participants will be able to attend pre conference courses in Iceland before the conference starts and take part in various other activities outside the conference. That way you can make the most out of your visit to Iceland for Rescue 2012.





The lecturers will belong to many different nationalities, and the lectures will be held in either Icelandic or English. As a gesture for our foreign guests, the Icelandic lectures will be translated into English, and for our Icelandic guests, the lectures in English will be translated into Icelandic. That way, all our participants should gain as much as possible from the lectures, which they attend.





The conference will be held at Grand Hotel Reykjavík which is a first-class hotel for business travellers, conference guests and tourists who demand excellent service and facilities.

Reviews of Rescue 2010

"ICE-SAR is utterly professional, wonderful hosts. Loved the 2 day pre-conference trip into the mountains."

"Very well organized and was very informative. Will recommend it to my friends and collegues even though it is a long way from Australia."

"Great speakers with impressive experience and knowledge."

"Incredibly well organized, especially the pre-conference support for foreign attendees."

"I thank you for the opportunity to attend such a great event."